Juanita Harris (CD)DONA

Central Alabama Doula - Proudly serving the River Region and surrounding Montgomery areas.

Originally from Prattville, Juanita married a Navy sailor and traveled the country for the next 25+ years, raising three young men along the way.

Her doula journey began in 2013 when her husband was deployed. She served as a Labor Support Stand-In for dads who were deployed with her husband, offering comfort and connection to women who truly needed someone to be there during one of the most monumental events of their lives.  This was an amazingly gratifying experience! She was also surprised at how much the birthing world had changed since her last child.  The more births she attended, the more passionate she became.  Mothers were eager to discuss birthing options, styles, techniques, as well as comfort measures and she became enthralled. Juanita loved being able to provide support to women during their labor and delivery while helping the parents work together. In 2016, she officially became a doula.

Now, she enjoys the freedom of helping women on a weekly basis.  A previous client once said, “You’re like a supportive big sister, with all the birthing/baby knowledge but with the maturity of my mother.”  What a compliment!  By praying alongside my clients, providing compassion, support, a little southern hospitality, and advocating for mother’s wishes during the birthing process Juanita has found her calling. She hopes to empower you and help make your birthing time something you joyously remember.

What providers are saying….

Juanita is a gem of a doula. As a hospital midwife, I’m just not able to be at the bedside of a laboring mom to provide continuous labor support but whenever Juanita was there as a doula, I knew that the mom was getting the labor support that she needed to achieve her desired birth. Juanita was great in providing support to moms who labored without pain medications as well as for those who received epidurals. Choosing Juanita as your doula should be at the top of your birth plan! Yolanda Devereaux, CNM NMC-San Diego.

Current certifications:

2016- DONA International (Birth doula)
2017- Madriella (Birth doula)
2017- Madriella (Postpartum doula)
2018- Rebozo Certified

Additional trainings and continuing education:

2017- Breastfeeding for the Professional
2018- CAPPA Postpartum training
2018- Spinning Babies workshop
2019- Infant and adult CPR

My Philosophy

Birth involves so much more than merely checking into a hospital and putting everything in the hands of a doctor. Birthing options are so varied, an expectant mother has a plethora of decisions to make. This can be incredibly liberating or terribly overwhelming. Let me help provide you with information about your options to help you choose what’s best for you and your family. I think that a mother’s role should be respected above all else. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should give birth. This birth story is about you and your beautiful baby. I want to help mothers know their options, feel empowered to make their wants, needs, and concerns known, and to advocate for themselves.

I believe that every woman benefits from having a doula by her side. As a doula, I’ve learned to understand instinctually what a woman needs and am trained in how to provide comfort in a variety of situations.

Significant Others benefit from the presence of a doula as well. They will be encouraged, relieved, and will learn too from having someone model for them the support the mother needs. My goal is to be there for him also. Birthing is an intimate experience between the parents. I'm only there to help guide couples through the incredible journey of becoming a family.