Why Hire a Professional Placenta Encapsulation Specialist?

While you bond with your new baby, I will conveniently and discreetly pick up and prepare your placenta for you while you enjoy your newborn. I am “on call” for you and will make every effort to have your placenta picked up and prepared within the ideal time frame for encapsulation.

My service is safe and discreet because I remember how special those first days are. I work to make the smallest impact on you and your family while preparing the placenta. I complete all processing services in my home and will strive to have your placenta pills back to you within 48 hours.

I am an IPPA (International Placenta & Postpartum Association) trained placenta specialist and adhere to all OSHA & EPA guidelines regarding blood-borne pathogen transmission, infection prevention, standards for sanitation, and safe food handling. All materials used are thoroughly sanitized between each use, when not disposable, and everything meets food grade standards. Aside from the medicinal aspects, I treat the placenta as sacred, and will focus on honoring the work it has done to nourish your baby, while preparing it to continue its work nourishing you.

Why Encapsulate?

Higher energy level • Mood enhancement • Milk supply increase • Reduce Baby Blues • Faster recovery • Naturally increase iron levels • Decrease pain levels • Balance mood by replacing natural hormones, made by you

Different Preparation Methods:


Raw Method of placenta encapsulation is preparing the placenta directly from a raw state to the dehydrator, without steaming. This method will provide approximately 25% more yield than the steamed method. This method, while it is still beneficial for mood support, is said to be geared more towards energy levels.

Steamed Method is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Method (TCM). Your placenta is rinsed, gently steamed along with lemon and ginger, and then dried and encapsulated. (Please alert me to any allergies.) The capsule yield is slightly less with this method, but may be easier to digest. This method is believed more supportive of mood and is beneficial for those with a history of insomnia or anxiety.

*Steamed method can be performed without lemon and ginger*

Additional services:

Placenta Tincture- A small piece of placenta is placed in a jar filled with high-proof vodka. Tinctures keep for years and allows you to preserve your placenta benefits in a liquid form to used later for PMS, menopausal symptoms, and times of emotional distress, illness or low energy. Tinctures, like essential oils, have an extended shelf life when store properly

“I had it done for my 4th [birth]. Best thing ever. Great milk supply. Less stress. More energy. Best thing I have done to aid in post birth recovery. Look into it especially if you suffer from post natal depression.” — Claire

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I acknowledge Juanita is not a licensed medical professional such as a care provider or physician and she is not able to diagnose, treat or prescribe for any health condition. Services and fees are for the service of encapsulating your placenta, not for the sale of the capsules. Each woman will react to her placenta capsules in different ways. Some of the ascribed benefits of placenta consumption are supported by ongoing research, however these benefits have not been evaluated or approved by the United States government. It is your responsibility to determine whether using placenta capsules can be beneficial to your wellbeing postpartum.

I acknowledge it is my responsibility to notify Southern Charm Birth services (SCBS) within 8 hours of the birth so that we can work together to make arrangements for pickup. Failure to do so may result in delayed placenta preparation and encapsulation and may cause decreased potency of nutrients, hormones, and other beneficial attributes of the placenta. Improper storage of the placenta prior to pick up or drop off may result in spoilage. It is my responsibility to discuss release of my placenta from the facility where I will give birth during the prenatal period and to ensure proper storage of your placenta in a refrigerator or cooler. This should be done by placing the placenta on ice in my personal cooler until it can be retrieved for preparation and encapsulation.

I understand it is my responsibility to inform SCBS of any known bloodborne illness (es) or other health issues (such as HIV, hepatitis, etc.) that could place SCBS or any others who may come in contact with your bodily fluids (specifically maternal and fetal blood as well as amniotic fluid) at risk. Some specific sexually transmitted diseases such as Hepatitis C may preclude SCBS from offering placenta encapsulation unless in my home. I will provide a copy of my STI blood test for SCBS to view.

Refund Policy - If you choose to terminate this contract you must do so before you request your placenta to be picked up for a full refund minus the $50 retainer fee. If your placenta is not picked up, or in the event that your placenta cannot be used for medical reasons, a refund will be given to you minus the $50 retainer fee. If you choose to terminate the agreement after your placenta has already been picked up, but before the preparation process has begun, you will be refunded minus the retainer fee plus an additional $25 fee for transport. Your placenta will also be returned to you for proper disposal. If you decide you do not want your finished capsules, or any additional services agreed upon at the time of this contract, after the preparation and encapsulation process has begun, you will not receive a refund of any payments made and will still be responsible for any remaining balance that may be left in the original service agreement.

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