Professional Postpartum Services

Providing in-home support for new parents in the River Region and surrounding Montgomery areas with over 25+ years caring for newborns and families.

Juanita added postpartum doula services after many birth clients and new mothers were asking for advice on basic baby techniques and care. New parents often receive conflicting care recommendations from well meaning friends and family but need reassurance that the choices they have made for their family are safe and best for them. She offers unbiased information to your concerns and questions and provides local resources to help make your transition into parenthood easier. Self-care is an essential part of this period. During the fourth trimester, both parents need time to be allotted for self-care to grow into a happy, nurturing family.

Newborn Services

Juanita brings comfort, calm and understanding into what can be a chaotic time of unexpected challenges. She can assist you in household chores or take over newborn care while parents practice self-care.

Services can include:

  • • Nursery and baby area organization
  • • Bottle or breastfeeding guidance and problem solving
  • • Emotional support
  • • Help creating routines
  • • Accompany parents to doctor appointments or other outings
  • • Education in typical eating, sleeping and newborn development
  • • Sleep support
  • • Transitioning back to work
  • • Light housekeeping
  • • Baby laundry
  • • Assistance in babywearing, swaddling, bath time, etc
  • • Errands and shopping
  • • Sibling support
  • • Research based information recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP)

Packages can be altered for your needs.  There is a daytime 4 hour minimum shift requirement and 8 hour minimum shift requirement for overnights, beginning no later than 10pm.

• Mini package- Ideal for experienced parents, parents on a budget or have a large, local support network.

– Free prenatal visit/consult
– 32 hours stretched over two weeks, $480 prepaid weekly

• Basic package- Ideal for first time parents, full term babies, breastfeeding mothers and parents unsure of what they need.

– Free prenatal visit/consult
– 96 hours over 4 weeks, $720 prepaid weekly

• Deluxe package-mothers vulnerable or predisposed to postpartum anxiety/depression, single parents, parents of preemies, multiples, in need of overnights or if one parent will be quickly returning to work.

– Free prenatal visit/consult
– 192 hours stretched over 6 weeks, prepaid weekly payments of $960

Research has shown that having a birth doula,
present during birth, can reduce the:

Length of Labor ......... 25%

Cesarean Rate ......... 50%

Use of Pitocin ......... 40%

Use of Pain Medication ......... 30%

Need for Forceps .........ᅠ 40%

Requests for an Epidural.........ᅠ60%

Ready to discuss how I can best serve you?

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