Parents are talking….

Southern Charm is excited to bring her national experience and trainings to serve both River Region and military families. Read what the Mamas and Dads are saying.

“Juanita was a life saver. I’ve never known anyone to take their job as seriously as she does. Trust me, you want her there. Your wife will thank you.” – Jesse

“Juanita is simply amazing – so kind, professional and knowledgeable. We could not be happier with her work with us from our birth to infant care. We highly, highly recommend her!” – Joseph

“I can’t recommended anything or anyone more than I recommend Juanita as a doula. We’ve had 3 babies and Juanita helped deliver 2 of them. I really wish we had met her before we had our first child. We met Juanita the day our 2nd child was born when she was the doula on call at the hospital we delivered at. It is strange to think we met that day when now she feels like part of our family. She brought so much comfort and support to my wife and I during our first experience with her that when we knew we were having a third, hiring Juanita wasn’t even a discussion, it was simply understood as mandatory that she would be with us. Before Juanita I had no concept of what a doula even was, and now couldn’t imagine having another child without her. Most mothers already understand how much help a doula can provide, but most husbands likely do not. During delivery it can be hard to know what to do as a husband and how to best help your wife, Juanita knew everything I could do to help ease my wife’s pain and help relax her as much as possible. She is incredibly calm and extremely knowledgeable. Our third birth was harrowing, and without Juanita there it would have been a terrifying experience for us. She is the shield you didn’t know you needed, and now that she moved away from our city, I suppose we are done having babies :)” – Seth