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Southern Charm is excited to bring her national experience and trainings to serve both River Region and military families. Read what the Mamas and Dads are saying.

“Juanita is AMAZING. I knew when we first met that she was who I needed in order to help me follow through with my birth plan. Juanita helped me and my family in so many ways. All the tips she gave me to prepare for labor really helped me mentally and physically. When the time came I know 100% that I would not have followed through with my plan if I did not have Juanita. Which is a good thing!! She helped me get through each contraction, helped me remember certain choices I had made prior to labor- when the time comes it’s easy to get all mixed up!! Thank you Juanita for EVERYTHING!” – Deanne

“Thankful is a short way of putting how I feel about Juanita. She was there from the very beginning. I had a planned pregnancy & I talked to her and she helped me so much before I was even pregnant! Once I became pregnant she helped me through every step of the way & I mean every step! If I ever had any questions, she didn’t hesitate to help me. My husband was totally clueless to why I would need a doula but now that I had my baby boy and Juanita was there, there is no way he would have changed anything.

I did everything Juanita encouraged me to do, drank lots of water, took a bath, tried to go to sleep & everything led up to me having contractions every minute. We went to the hospital and she kept everything s peaceful.

Around 7-8 cm, I was informed my son’s head was crooked and I would need a c-section. Because Juanita was there with her doula training, she got my body into different postures and used the rebozo. She is so trained, she got my son’s head to move into the right position and just a little while longer and 5 pushes later, Levi was here.

She made it where I didn’t have a c-section. She helped me so much. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her. Thank you Juanita. We are so thankful for you.” – Kayla

“My birth experience with Juanita is STILL a great memory and story that will be retold for years to come. I felt at total peace knowing that my birth plan would go as close as possible to what I wanted because she was a true advocate for me especially during those moments of extreme pain.  She wasn’t invasive or overbearing.  She just simply clicked with me and my desired expectations.  She knew exactly how and when to be present in a way that felt comfortable.  I was in labor for 22 hours and Juanita was there every minute.  I honestly don’t think I would have made it through natural birth without her. The icing on the cake was that she made my mom a true Doula believer!  My only regret is that I didn’t have her for the birth of my son 7 years ago!” – Alma

“When we found out we were pregnant with our first, we had a lot of anxiety about pregnancy and the birth process. Someone mentioned “get a doula” and we are so glad we listened. After we had our first meeting with Juanita, we immediately signed her on. Instantly, a huge relief came over our bodies as we knew she would be there to help and support us. She was quick to respond to any questions we had. We liked how she came to our house, a month before the due date, to show us how to work together during the contractions. These were so helpful during the actual labor and helped ease the pain!

When the big day came, she was out our home, helping us through the contractions and then came to the hospital as well. During labor, the baby was face up and the doctors wanted to do an evasive procedure, but Juanita asked to try a few things before first. Sure enough, her positions worked and baby’s head turned around. We were so grateful! We always looked to her first for advice before any doctor or nurse. We knew she had our best interest at heart!!! She was there through our very long labor and we couldn’t have asked for better support. We also had her provide placenta encapsulation for us and it really did make a significant difference in the recovery phase. Juanita shares a very special place in our heart and we highly recommend her! Thank you Juanita!!!” – Jennifer

“I hired Juanita because we simply clicked! I was able to feel as if she was just a shadow in the back of my mind throughout my pregnancy because she only reassured me of my own feelings and beliefs and truly lead me to experience the type of labor that I wanted. She listened to my concerns and my wants and had supporting positive reinforcement and lead me in the right direction if I had questions and concerns about my pregnancy. I never felt pressured. I was constantly reminded to check with my midwife if I felt uncomfortable about anything which let me know she had me and my baby’s best interest. Fast forward to my labor and Juanita was actually able to encourage my spouse to be involved in labor/delivery and reminded me of my birth plan throughout to ensure I was comfortable and happy. I would not have been successful having my dream VBAC birth without her and wish I had her during my first labor. She’s a sweet person who genuinely wants the best for momma and baby and was the perfect addition to my birthing support team.” – Kameron

“Juanita was exactly what I was looking for when searching for a Doula!! When first meeting Juanita she was very honest and knowledgeable about everything we discussed. Throughout our time every question I asked she had an answer and if she didn’t she always reached back to me with the answer or someone who would be able to help me. When my husband arrived and we were laboring she helped him get into the swing of things by giving him tips on how to support me through my labor. Love, love, loved my experience with her and would totally recommend her to anyone in the area needing a doula!” – Aliya

“Juanita is one of my favorite people on this planet! She was my doula for my two youngest children, and I could never have a baby without her help! I sought out a doula after wanting a more empowering and natural birth experience, and I found Juanita. She is the most knowledgeable and intuitive person, and I clicked with her immediately. She understood exactly what I wanted and did everything she could to help me have the most amazing birth experience. She had so many ways to help me relieve pain, make me comfortable, and to help me think positively about birth. She was available to me when I needed her and provided me with all the information and support I needed. When I ended up with complications and my birth plan changed, she helped talk me through my options and made me feel very comfortable and confident. She also helped my husband understand how to help me in labor, which was extremely helpful.

Her amount of knowledge of birth and labor is astounding and she always gave me all my options and stood by whatever I chose to do. She was my advocate, my support, and the person that helped me through the toughest parts of both my labors. I trust Juanita fully, and I completely leaned on her knowledge and incredible capabilities as a doula! Not to mention she is the nicest and most hilarious person and so easy to get along with. I cannot say enough about how great she is, truly, and how much of an amazing doula she is. Because of Juanita, I had two incredibly amazing birth experiences, and I felt I had all the support I could ever need. Every mom would be so lucky to have her as a doula!” – Lacey

“Juanita was a complete blessing, Thanks to her I fulfilled my natural labour wishes. She was so supportive and she has a nurturing touch that made be feel so comfortable and cared for. I never felt alone during labour, She was by my side every contraction. She is always a text or phone call away…. Best doula !!!! I LOVED HER !!!” – Kateri

“Juanita made my birth experience wonderful. I used her for my third child, and it made it be the best birth experience out of all the three. She was able to show my husband the perfect massage techniques I needed to get through each contraction and even helped him learn to be an amazing coach. She did everything she could to make my birth plan happen, and she also took great video/pictures of my baby girl when she first came out. I would recommend her to any pregnant mama no matter if it’s their first run around or a few in!” – Bea

“Juanita is AMAZING. I knew when we first met that she was who I needed in order to help me follow through with my birth plan. Juanita helped me and my family in so many ways. All the tips she gave me to prepare for labor really helped me mentally and physically. When the time came I know 100% that I would not have followed through with my plan if I did not have Juanita. Which is a good thing!! She helped me get through each contraction, helped me remember certain choices I had made prior to labor- when the time comes it’s easy to get all mixed up!!” – Deanna

“You all have no idea how easy this beautiful woman made it for me to give birth to Madison. It’s only me, my husband, and at the time Laila. Imagine being in labor and your 1 year old sleepy and cranky, your husband is tired and dealing with your 1 year old and you’re trying to bring a baby in this world. The baby monitor wouldn’t stay on my belly, I was stuck at 4 cm barely and just at a complete stand still with NO epidural. Let’s just say this woman had me have 3 contractions on the toilet and 5 minutes later I was on all fours pushing Madison out! She was so calm and graceful! I literally didn’t want her to leave my side. Having her there relieved so much stress and just allowed me to focus on bringing a healthy beautiful baby girl into this world. I forever thank you!!” – Tara

“Juanita was our postpartum doula and was our angel! She was incredibly knowledgeable about infants and had a gentle way of imparting her wisdom to us. She listened with open ears and offered support that was tailored to our routines and rhythms and our parenting style. We cannot recommend her services enough. Her overnight stays helped our son establish a bedtime routine and we as sleep deprived new parents had a chance to recharge. She encouraged us to trust our instincts as parents and was a vital part of my postpartum recovery. We love Juanita!” – Erika

“Juanita was an absolute cornerstone of my healing, empowering VBAC. Juanita was a fantastic resource leading up to the birth, offering information and suggestions, always allowing me to make up my mind and then supporting my decisions. She helped me to process what I needed to in order to be mentally prepared for this birth, taught us great labor techniques, and made both myself and my husband feel prepared and cared for.

During the actual birth, Juanita was the perfect blend of confident and soothing, giving direction when needed and offering the support I was seeking. Because of her, I felt confident enough to advocate for myself and baby throughout labor. This birth had several complications with the baby’s position and we depended on Juanita’s incredible skills, deep knowledge and calming support to see us through these and achieve the VBAC I had dreamed of.

Not only is Juanita a calm, strong, and experienced doula, she brings a lighthearted smile and a delightful sense of humor (when appropriate of course)! This helped me to feel immediately safe, inspired trust and allowed me to be myself before, during and after labor. She truly brings the ‘Southern Charm'” – Melinda

“Juanita Harris is amazing! I could not have accomplished my drug free induction without her. She is calm and understanding and was able to dispel all of my fears. She took all of my calls and texts at all hours of the day and night throughout my pregnancy (no matter how ridiculous). Juanita is an incredible resource and her knowledge and expertise allowed me to accomplish my birth vision even as a nervous first time mom. I definitely would not want to labor without her!” – Krystal